Don’t get us wrong, every roofing material Superior Roof Systems use has a manufacturer’s warranty available, and a good warranty can be a valuable document. However, keep in mind that warranty scopes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most important thing to always remember about a warranty is that it is a document drawn by the manufacturer’s attorneys for the sole purpose of providing adequate protection to the manufacturer. Isn’t that a comforting thought?

More important than the number of years a warranty covers is the historical performance of the membrane and roof systems we install – a measure of the probability that you’ll ever need to file a claim, the dedication of the people who stand behind it and the craftsmanship of the people who install the roof. To calculate the true cost of a roof, you need to carefully assess the real value of the warranty that is offered and the historical service life of the product being considered. With 20 years of industry experience, we take pride in our ability to educate our customers on the best ways to protect their roofing investments.

Our guarantee at Superior Roof Systems is to maximize our Systems to our clients is to utilize our many years of industry experience to help them navigate what has become an overly complicated matrix of roofing decisions regarding roofing materials, warranties and maintenance programs.

Superior Roof Systems chooses to Only Install Top quality roof products from manufactures with the best proven track record and have been around for decades and some over a century. providing to our client’s complete peace of mind that our clients are covered no matter what.

You want a long lasting roof and value for dollars spent. We can help you achieve those objectives. Most Warranties we offer none prorated for the life of the warranty giving our client full coverage and no money out of pocket for the entire roof warranty. We offer Puncture and Reflective & Wind speed warranties as well, giving our building owners peace of mind if a accident does happen they are covered.

All of our roof systems that receive a manufactures warranty are inspected thoroughly by the manufactures own inspector, hereby giving the building owner complete satisfaction that our job has been completed to the highest standard, and that he will receive the longest lasting roof and warranty available.

Who determines the cause of leaks that initiated a warranty claim?
Many warranties provide the manufacturer with sole right of determination.

Does the roofing system have a product life history that is at least as long as the length of your warranty?
Many warranties provide the manufacturer with sole right of determination.

Is the warranty pro-rated and does the warranty have exclusions?
Be certain to understand the limits of coverage and exclusions, such as wind-speed limitations, alteration responsibilities, transferability in the case of a sale and is the warranty signed by an authorized agent of the warrantor.

Are previous customers satisfied?
For roofing systems, customer satisfaction with regard to warranty claims is a critical piece of the buying equation. Request references – and check them.


The truth is that a warranty may actually hamper your ability to file a claim because of the protections afforded the manufacturer. Simply having a letter that states the material is intended for roofing offers you far more protections than a warranty document.

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