Why are roof warranties important?



A new roof is a big investment, which involves thousands of dollars and lasting 30, 40 and even more than 50 years. With such big investment, knowing in advance what your warranty covers could save you lots of money in the event that problems arise with your roof. Understanding what is covered and NOT covered by a warranty is the most important part of understanding the value of a particular warranty.

Dear Past, Present and Future Customers,

R-MILR Construction has changed over the past years. For the past year the company has been working hard to evaluate and analyze our strengths and streamline our services to better serve our customers. We are proud to announce that we are changing our name to Superior Roof Systems. The new name reflects the quality products we utilize and the craftsmanship we expect from our installers.

What has Changed:
  • Our Company Name, Logo
  • Emails and website address
  • Website: superiorroofsystems.com
  • Email: info@superiorroofsystems.com
What Does Not Change:
  • Ownership, Management and Employees of the company
  • Our Address, Phone numbers, Fax Number, etc.
Thank you for choosing R-MILR Construction for the past years. Our success is a product of our positive relationships with every one of you. Thank you for trusting us, giving us feedback, and helping us create a better experience for new clients.

Ron, Miller President
Superior Roof Systems